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Vendor Information

Registration Fees

Vendor type Description Registration fee
Merchandise Vendor Merchandise vendor making direct sales at the event $25
Food Vendor-Sales Food vendor only making direct sales at the event No fee for a single space, $25 for a double space (see Event Booth Space below)

Must pay the NMSU Auxiliary Services office a commission of ten (10) percent of all net sales from the event

Food Vendor-Samples Food vendor only providing free sample items at the event No fee for a single space, $25 for a double space (see Event Booth Space below)
Other Vendors

Businesses, government agencies, or non-profit organizations only providing information or offering free services – no direct sales or fundraising at the event

No fee

Event Booth Space

Dimensions of the space allocated to each vendor will be sixteen (16) feet wide and twelve (12) feet from the curb.

All trailers, food trucks, and food booths shall fit within the existing dimensions of sixteen (16) feet wide and twelve (12) feet from the curb. Food vendors towing a food trailer or booth into the event area that will remain attached to a vehicle (thereby exceeding the standard space dimensions) will be required to pay a $25 registration fee for a double space that is thirty-two (32) feet wide and twelve (12) feet from the curb.

General Information

The following applies to all vendors:

  • Check-in and set up will be a different time depending on the type of vendor you are (at check-in table)
  • Exact check-in time will be given to you 48 hours before the event
  • Vendors should bring copy of event confirmation for check-in
  • Vendors must designate a contact person during Peek of Las Cruces via the event registration form
  • No vehicle traffic will be allowed on Locust Street between 3:30 and 7:00 PM
  • All vendors will be responsible for trash removal (roll off container will be provided on site)
  • No vendor shall conduct any type of raffle or other form of gaming or gambling activity; door prizes are okay as long as there is no money involved in the exchange for a chance to win the prize
  • If a vendor needs to replenish supplies during event, supplies will be walked in (no vehicle delivery after event starts)
  • Vendors shall not move into the middle of the street with their set-ups
  • Vendors are responsible for the actions of their employees, associates, and any independent contractors working for them
  • Vendors shall be courteous to other vendors, the public, and Peek of Las Cruces staff
  • Vendors shall engage in prudent customer relations and customary business practices
  • Exhibit space should be clean and must present an attractive, professional image consistent with the goals and purpose of Peek of Las Cruces

Restaurant and Food Truck Information

Non-university food vendors providing services must be pre-certified by the office of Auxiliary Services. Non-university food vendors will be required to pay the office of Auxiliary Services a commission of ten (10) percent of all net sales (sales minus sales tax) applicable to the campus event. Additionally, food vendors will be required to provide and/or adhere to the following:

  • Have a current New Mexico Food Purveyor’s license; vendors will supply copy of license with event registration
  • Provide total sales via register tape on the day of the event prior to departure; include beginning and ending inventory
  • Certificate of Insurance, see insurance requirements below for details
  • Self-sufficient generator/propane power source and electrical cords
  • Vendor may not sell any beverages
  • Labor to prepare and serve food
  • Serving utensils, paper plates/serving containers
  • If cooking on site, fire extinguisher must be on site and accessible
  • Table and shading if not a vehicle based unit
  • Take away menus for attendees and information on locations
  • All food vendors should be in designated location and ready to serve 30 minutes prior to the start time and will remain parked, if food truck unit, until 30 minutes after the end of the event to allow pedestrian traffic to clear street

Insurance Requirements for Food Vendors

Food vendors shall purchase and maintain statutory limits of Worker’s Compensation, Public Liability, and/or Automobile Liability insurance. Certificate of Insurance, naming the Board of Regents – New Mexico State University as the certificate holder, evidencing the following insurance minimums in effect for the date of October 6, 2016:

Bodily injury, each person, excluding medical and medically-related expenses $400,000
Medical and medically-related expenses $300,000
Property Damage, each occurrence $200,000
Vehicle bodily injury, each occurrence, excluding medical and medically related expenses $750,000

NMSU Sales and Solicitation Policy

Food service vendors [except one hundred percent (100%) prepackaged, not-potentially-hazardous specialty food vendors] shall be of a local restaurant or get approval from the Public Health Division of the State Health Department, Office of Health Facilities Licensing to operate out of an approved local food establishment, i.e., food truck.

Art, crafts, jewelry, or wearable art vendors may not sell items that are commercially available or have been purchased wholesale with the intent to resale the items. Seventy-five percent (75%) of any craft, jewelry or wearable accessory item(s) offered for sale must be the handcrafted work of the artist selling the merchandise at the booth. Items that are merely hand-assembled of commercially-available manufactured parts shall not be considered handcrafted.

A business, commercial, or not-for-profit vendor that does not meet the criteria under the food/merchandise category guidelines may become involved with Peek of Las Cruces by setting up a booth. However, no direct sales or fundraising shall be allowed during Peek of Las Cruces. Examples include radio stations, newspapers, insurance firms, banks, retail merchants, or other local non-profit agencies.

The Peek of Las Cruces is responsible for vendor compliance in accordance with the university sales and solicitation policy (NMSU AP&P, 3.92). In doing so, the Peek of Las Cruces reserves the right, in its discretion, to prohibit the sale or display of those items or services based on issues of balance of like products, timeliness and thoroughness of application, and appropriateness of product to the event. Items characterized as pornographic, illegal, or hazardous to public safety will not be allowed.

Peek of Las Cruces Event Responsibilities

  • Assign at least one designated spot on Locust Street (between Stewart & Wells, subject to change) – sixteen (16) feet wide and (12) feet from the curb for each registered vendor/participant
  • Marketing and promotion of event
  • Parking permit for each registered vendor/participant